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In this case in point, “TCNC5″ is modified to “TCNC5-VPN” to reveal that this is the five GHz band secured by the VPN. For the major router (which is the open up router), it will retain the network identify “TCNC5″ to differentiate easily.

The primary router will not have the VPN behind it and will make it possible for access to entire obtain pace. Step seven After the network identify has been modified, simply click Use . Step 8 When the new settings are used, modify the community name for the two. 4 GHz band as well. Then simply click Use . Step 9 Click LAN below the Innovative Settings menu. Step ten On the LAN IP tab, modify the IP tackle of the secondary router so it would not conflict with the key router that has the identical IP tackle. In this illustration, on the IP Handle industry, “192. 168. one. one” is adjusted to “192. 168. two. one”. In the long term, when you want to get into the manage panel of your secondary router, just style the new IP address into the internet browser. Step 11 Click on Apply . Step twelve A concept that asks if you would like to update the IP Pool of deal with quickly will pop up. Click Okay .

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This will assign new IP addresses that are to commence with with the initial six digits of the IP handle or “192. 168″ in this example. Step thirteen As soon as the adjustments are used, type in the new IP handle that you assigned to the secondary router. Then log in with the similar username and password on your router’s administration website page. Step 14 On the ideal-hand aspect, validate the new IP tackle by checking the summary of the router configuration. Step fifteen Click LAN under the Advanced Settings menu. Step 16 Simply click the DHCP Server tab. Under the Simple Config section, you will uncover the IP Pool Commencing Deal with discipline that contains the IP addresses assigned by the router to all the network linked products. In this instance, the IP address “192. 168. two. two”.

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The principal router, on the other hand, will keep on being with the unique IP handle, “192. 168. 1. one”. Step seventeen Now that every thing has been configured with the secondary router, you can commence connecting it to the major router. In this illustration, the next products are utilized:cable modem major router (Netgear) secondary router or VPN router (Asus)Unplug the electrical power cords connected powering each and every unit. Step 18 Plug the network cable coming from a person of the LAN ports of the principal router to the secondary router’s huge location network (WAN) link. This is wherever you would normally plug the cable modem web feed into. Step 19 Plug back again in the power cord of the modem and allow it boot. Step 20 After all the cable modem’s lights have arrive again on, plug the ability again into the primary router. Step 21 When the key router has totally booted up, plug the bower again into the secondary router. Wait around for it to boot up. Step 22 On your computer system, click on the Wi-fi icon on the lessen suitable-hand part of your monitor.

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This will show all the wi-fi connections obtainable. Connect to one VPN obtain issue. In this illustration, “TCNS-VPN” is selected for connection. Step 23 Open up a web site on your browser to make certain that it is loading thoroughly. Step 24 Open up the distinct administration web site for this specific router in a new tab. In this case in point, “192. 168. two. 1″ is entered. Once the router’s administration webpage is accessed, this signifies that you are effectively connected.

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